You kind of learn, when you get into this — it’s really hard to match what humans can do. — Robot expert and co-founder of Harvest CROO Robotics, Bob Pitzer, on a robot’s inability to do what any four-year old can do: pick strawberries.

Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - March 22, 2018


Get ready for most competitive spring home buying season since Great Recession!; Liquidation sales at Toys ‘R’ Us get underway today; St. George, Utah now nation’s fastest-growing metro area; Amazon planning to cut # of small cheap items you can order; Steve Jobs’ daughter writing memoir about their complicated relationship; Lufthansa — cracked the airplane boarding problem?; Facebook’s pain = blockchain’s gain?; LinkedIn’s Top Companies for 2018; Krispy Kreme’s Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg donuts; Ben & Jerry’s newest flavor (for summer); $12,500 bottle of scotch; Zsa Zsa Gabor estate auction.


Platypus milk: the key to preventing deadly infections?; Gisele Bündchen is writing book on how to live like…Gisele Bündchen; Actor Zac Efron experimenting w/eating vegan; Mushroom tea–popular right now, but what the heck is it???; A compound in beets could slow Alzheimer’s effects; Billionaire James Packer [Yup–Mariah Carey’s ex-fiancé] reveals he has ‘mental health’ issues; resigns from Crown Resorts; Mumps and college students.


Any interest in getting a facial … for $3000???? Offered exclusively by The Peninsula New York, this age-defying treatment is available only through next week so better book soon?!?!?; Caitlyn Jenner posts important PSA about skin cancer and sunscreen; Allbirds’ newest collection turns trees into sneakers; Direct-to-consumer fragrance–can it ever work?; Legendary fashion photographer Bill Cunningham’s secret memoir; Abercrombie’s plot to win over Gen Z; ASOS’ embarrassing typo; The fashion entrepreneur who just launched a Netflix for your wardrobe…


Silicon Valley’s diet obsession is more than just a fad…it’s dangerous!?; Gluten-free diet may still allow harmful levels of exposure; Cleanses – pointless and masquerading as…’healthy’?; The fast food restaurant you should eat at depending on your diet; Differences in gender and weight loss; Naked yoga (a firsthand account); Leafless salads – the best kind of salads!; Peloton vs SoulCycle; Everything you’ve ever needed to know about carbs, especially if trying to lose weight..

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