We wanted to give this dog a home where people can come and share their joy. Its popularity is increasing because the sausage dog, with its so-called sausage dog look, has conquered the hearts of many people.” — Josef Küblbeck, co-founder of a Passau-based museum dedicated specifically to one of Germany’s oldest breeds: the dachshund. Doors open today.

Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - April 2, 2018


Tesla bankrupt? Elon Musk cracks jokes after worst month in 7 years; Whole Foods hints Prime members may get 10% discount; Symphony of the Seas, world’s largest cruise ship, kicks off maiden voyage; Chic-fil-A opens biggest location ever; Facebook employees reportedly deleting controversial internal messages??; Alibaba buying a Chinese food delivery app in $9.5 billion deal; Uber shutting down its little-used UberRush delivery service; No more signatures required for credit card purchases; Olive Garden’s new meatball monstrosity (weighs as much as 6 tennis balls); Financial Literacy Month; Pizza jerky.


Walmart and Humana move closer as separate upheavals threaten; New research finds going to concerts is good for your health and longevity; Consumer DNA tests – wrong 40% of the time; Actress Glenn Close’s mission to reduce mental health stigma; Bobbi Brown’s foray into wellness industry; Nestlé’s ‘restuctured sugar’ chocolate bar – live up to the hype?; Coffee/cancer uproar; Bowel movements – little things doctors want you to know…


Another day, another breach – this time, at Saks, Lord & Taylor…data stolen on 5 million debit and credit cards!; Juicy Couture’s new crystal collection w/Swarovski includes a $25,000 jumpsuit; How alcohol affects your skin/which beverages “better” than others; Why dermaplaning is so much more than shaving your face; April’s best new beauty launches; Martha Stewart’s glamorous Throwback Instagram; Perfumes that smell like a clean white T-shirt; Heels that transform to flats; Helen Mirren’s eyebrow tattoos...


Eat like a snake and you’ll lose weight?; Top trainers say breathing is more important to effective abdominal workout than anything else; How to lose underarm ‘batwing’ fat; Fitness ‘truths’ that are doing more harm than good; All the secrets of Kelly Ripa’s detox diet from her nutritionist; Dairy Queen’s Blizzards, ranked from least to most calories [1040 in the choc chip cookie dough]; Performance denim – the new go-to for busy moms?

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