“I wish I could snap my fingers and in three to six months solve all these issues,” Mark Zuckerberg, on Facebook’s problems, problems, PROBLEMS (!!!) which he really wishes would just go away with a snap.  #lostintranslation

Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - April 5, 2018


Sears, Delta hit by consumer data breach – this the 4th one this week? We’re losing count!; Smucker buying Rachael Ray dog food brand in $1.9 billion deal; Budweiser teaming up w/Jim Beam to brew specialty beer; Frank Sinatra’s hair, Vicodin bottle hitting auction block; Mobile home market showing signs of stress; The man who spent $100,000 to remove a lie from Google; The aging media tycoon who uses an iPad to say ‘Yes,’ ‘No’ and ‘F-k you’; Costco’s luxury hotel deals; Tech-free camp for adults; Target’s new $5 rosé…


Who’s your daddy? A surprising discovery via at-home DNA test; By CHLOE, the vegan Shack Shack, gets $31 million investment to expand globally; Kenny Rogers cancels tour due to ‘health challenges’; Big Four firm PwC invests $45M in ‘wellness bonuses’Shannen Doherty ‘staying positive’ after post-cancer tumor scan comes back ‘elevated’; The one magic substance – fiber! – that will help w/America’s gut problems; Unusual coffee add-ins in lieu of cream/sugar; Bobbi Brown’s Goop-like wellness line (Think: collagen-infused vanilla “dessert” powder, probiotic pixie sticks, etc.).


Carrie Underwood shows off her face in first uncovered Instagram post since fall [We don’t notice anything different other than plumped-up lips…you?]; Denim makes comeback despite continued popularity of stretchy athletic wear; Padma Lakshmi shares holistic Indian skincare secrets; Sexy leggings everyone in Hollywood loves; The rapartative beauty ingredient that’s all the rage in French pharmacies right now; Target’s $7 beauty boxes; Tory Burch’s perfect day


Have you heard about the gym that introduced a ‘Selfie Room’ ?! Internet in uproar; Motiv’s fitness ring gets Android and Alexa support; Exercises that burn more calories than running; Ways to move more; New Balance’s limited-edition ’80s sneaker (at original ’80s price); The Victoria’s Secret model who says nutritionist put her on 800-calorie diet and called her ‘fat’; 10 worst cereals, from a nutritional standpoint; Best natural energy gels and chews for endurance exercise.

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