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Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - April 10, 2018


World’s best airlines? American carriers barely register!; Uber rides into bike-rental industry w/purchase of Jump Bikes; PayPal gets into traditional banking; Blossom‘s Joey Lawrence settles bankruptcy case after accumulating nearly $400,000 in debt; Wynn unloading $$$$ art (Picasso, Warhol); Shoppers increasingly turning to frozen food; Best brownie mixes, ranked; Home renovations that offer best bang for buck; Dunkin’ ‘Donut Fries’; Pop Tarts Mash Ups


A nasty – and really severe – marijuana side effect is relieved by…hot showers??; World’s hottest pepper leads to ‘thunderclap’ headache; Jennifer Garner’s trainer launches wellness app that uses artificial intelligence; Most common knee surgery for seniors – costly, and usually a waste??; Dangers of drinking straight apple cider vinegar; Apple’s new red iPhones to raise $ for HIV/AIDS; The 411 on Epsom salt baths; Unexpected spring allergy triggers


Nordstrom readies to open ‘on the go’ men’s store; Beautystack, a visual booking system for influential beauty professionals, raises million to develop app; A new anti-aging serum made w/sheep placenta??; What they’ll be wearing at Coachella 2018 (hopefully not this denim thong!); Best beauty buys at Trader Joe’s right now; Blue Ivy’s personal stylist; Label to watch: O.B. Savage (Nanette Lepore’s stepson)…


Can freezing your vagus nerve [whatever that is] decrease the appetite and help you lose weight?; Exercise may help offset family history of heart disease; Personal trainer promotes fitness as way to honor God; Fitness trackers to monitor…cows??; The organ that suffers the most from a poor diet.

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