Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - April 11, 2018


TSA may soon be screening…snacks??; Necco Wafers suddenly red hot as manufacturer teeters on shutdown; Airbus considers adding sleeping pods to luggage hold; ‘Infectious’ spread of bitcoin could be over???!!; Aldi bringing back popular alcoholic ice lolliesUber courting drivers w/its new app; Kroger hiring 11,000 employees to its supermarkets; How long $1 million in retirement lasts in US cities; Where to get free food on tax day; Why Facebook just gained $21 billion in value; Disneyland’s latest Dole Whip donut concoction; Three Olives Rosé Vodka; National Pet Day.


What ails America? The answer varies from state to state; Strawberries, apples, spinach: 2018 report highlights fruits and veggies w/most pesticide residues; Experts want to redefine Alzheimer’s disease so they can study it better/spot it sooner; What you should know before taking probiotic supplements; Why IBS is more common in women than men; The $4.39 cult Swedish drink that’s poised to disrupt a $16 billion industry; A class that’s designed to save your sex life…


Amal Clooney lands her first Vogue cover; Denim companies stretch to compete w/leggings; Why so many lingerie brands are launching fragrances right now; How rugged outdoor gear got onto fashion runways; What women really think of men’s watches; Betsey Johnson on her beauty philosophy.


Finding it tougher to remember where your favorite instructor is teaching, day to day? Everyone is, as new generation of fitness pros go free agent; Bananas edge out sports drinks in study; SoulCycle members freaking out about the water swap?; Exercises to avoid if over 50; An unofficial history of rich women and their diets; Tips to nail a…headstand!

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