Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - April 12, 2018


Don’t go there – Tourist hot spot Cancun experiencing unprecedented levels of gang crime; Up to $2 billion of Facebook’s revenue may be at risk after data leak scandal; Bunch of Sears stores being auctioned off online; More investors betting against Tesla than any other U.S. stock [Musk back to sleeping on factory floor]; Uber will now help you rent a stranger’s car?; Netflix pulling out of Cannes Film Festival; Alaska Airlines shrinking size of carry-on luggage; Burned Silicon Valley home’s $800,000 price tag raising eyebrows; Chick-fil-A – teens’ new favorite chain; Breakfasts no one eats anymore; “First luxury hotel in space”; CBS-Viacom deal drama; Mayochup


Should you take Trazodone for insomnia?; Mariah Carey reveals bipolar disorder; CVS unveils tool that makes it easier to find less expensive drugs; Why you should visit beach regularly; How this woman’s Apple Watch detected her severe thyroid issue; More labels for ‘true’ organic food; Higher mortality risk for night owls; Best top-selling veggie burgers; Tracy Anderson on self-care: “Healthy sex is better than any massage”


YouTuber who ate only McDonald’s for week in own Super Size me experiment actually lost weight; Exercise benefits to the brain ‘may be passed on’ to offspring; Teens abandoning Under Armour in droves and it’s turning into huge crisis for the brand; New CrossFit meal kits — just a $200 box of raw meat??!!; Five foods a Harvard nutritionist wants you to eat “every day”; Best no-show socks; Anne Hathaway’s weight gain (for next movie); The Wild Diet — a flexible solution for chocoholics and cheese-lovers…

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