“The Dating Professor” – A Boston College philosophy professor looking to combat the hookup culture that’s so prevalent on campuses by offering extra credit to her students who ask someone out on a date…go on that said date…and have no physical contact. 

Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - April 18, 2018


Nothing is certain except death and taxes..but wait — paying your bill….uncertain???; IRS giving taxpayers extra day to file after payment site crashes; Walmart overhauling website to give it more modern look; Apple launching subscription news service; Southwest’s emergency landing — first passenger death in its roughly 50-year history; TaskRabbit’s cybersecurity incident (site still not up); More store closings; Lucky’s – grocery chain everyone will soon be loving??; Portland – America’s next great pizza city?; What it’s like to fly on the new ‘millennial’ airline; How to know if budget airline is safe to fly; Top dips and spreads from Trader Joe’s; Most ‘Instagrammable’ hotel in world; New Ritz-Carlton luxury cruise shipsIBM letdown; Coffee Talk; Annuities: The ‘bad,’ the ‘good’ and the ‘misunderstood’…


More and more Americans self-diagnosing online, but should we be doing this? Here’s what doctors think…Regular exercise is best defense against falls in older age, according to latest recommendations from the USPSTF; An 80-year old Harvard study claims to have found the gateway to happiness; Zika – still a worry as you map out your summer travel plans?; Healing crystals for modern ailments; The lowdown on Kouridashi tea; Best “healthy” snacks – from tasty to…addictive; Top wellness benefits, per Deloitte survey…


You’ll soon be able to get a tattoo..at Saks Fifth Avenue?!?; LVMH, the parent company of labels including Louis Vuitton, Dior, faces $10 million lawsuit by makeup artist who was hired .. and then not hired .. as artistic director of one of its big cosmetic brands; Puma debuts new line of suede sneakers inspired by M.A.C.’s most popular lipstick shades; Fast-fashion retailers (Zara, H&M, Forever 21) under increasing pressure to speed up supply chains to compete w/online stores; Katy Perry’s strange behavior .. I mean wardrobe malfunction (It’s early!) .. on American Idol; The immediately popular J. Crew dress; Madonna’s new moisturizer


I’ll start my diet…tomorrow? Chili’s debuts 1,650-calorie burger topped w/sausage, bacon, brisket and all sorts of other stuff guaranteed to blow you up; New research suggests women hoping to conceive should adopt healthy diet years earlier; Nike’s new Flyprint sneaker – as cool as it is…confusing; Why weddings make people feel like they have to lose weight; How kinesiology tape [?] works; An American who ate like a French person for a week, and voilà! – what she learned…

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