Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - April 23, 2018


Meet me at the Eiffel Tower…another time…oui? Air France cancelling 25% of flights today (wage dispute); Southwest also cancelling a bunch of flights – for engine inspections; Sea level rise threatening coastal cities around world; Michael Jackson’s moonwalk shoes going up for auction; Prom allegedly getting cheaper; Google collects enough data on you to fill an 8-foot stack of paper every two weeks?; Walmart close to $12-billion-plus deal for Flipkart; The Disney-themed house that’s for sale (being sold by couple named Mickey and Minnie–no joke); Krispy Kreme lemon-glazed donuts (available this week only); Dubai’s newest luxury hotel – in a former cruise liner; Rising gas prices; America’s best barbecue chains; Milky Way Fudge Minis.


An exotic tick species is now living year round in…New Jersey?!; And this tick species is new to America?!; What say you, Annette Bening?; Big belly is bad for your health and your heart…even if you’re not overweight; World’s oldest person dies in Japan at age 117 (She was the last known person to be born in 19th century.); Green tea supplements – hurting your liver?; Why the romaine lettuce E. coli outbreak affects mostly women; Eminem’s 10 years of sobriety; Following a couple — from diagnosis to final stages of Alzheimer’s (great piece on last night’s 60 Minutes).


Pink-only Starbursts are back, and this time with a…clothing line???; Kim Kardashian launching another fashion-focused venture (just days after announcing closing of family’s DASH stores); 72-year-old ‘Catwoman’ Jocelyn Wildenstein back in headlines; A dry shampoo that has a 2,000-person waiting list??; The marketing trick that made Canada Goose a status symbol; Last day, Sephora’s Insider Beauty Sale; Ageless Style: Maye the force be with you.


Electric scooters are flooding California, and they’ll be on your sidewalks…soon??; The Megaformer is the latest fitness contraption celebrities are obsessed with; Study claims vegetarian diet just as effective for weight loss as Mediterranean diet; How Julianne Hough’s diet and exercise routine has changed over past year; Why it can feel so much harder to lose weight if you’re short; New fitness studios that will change the way you work out; A definitive ranking of low-calorie ice creams

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