Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - May 2, 2018


Fed going to surprise markets and change investors’ mind on how many rate hikes are coming?; Apple reveals healthy iPhone sales [surprise!] as Cook hints at more handset variations…and announces $100 billion buyback; Snap’s slowdown stirs doubt on redesign, triggering share plunge; Tesla hit w/$2 billion lawsuit for allegedly stealing hydrogen truck design; Facebook…the matchmaker?; Scandinavian Airlines offering free flights for kids under age 11 (from this August through March 2019); Amazon launching $23 Prime Book Box subscription for kids; JetBlue’s You Never Call, You Never Visit” sale (fares as low as $39); Gibson bankruptcy in deal to renew guitar business; United’s new pet-carrying policies; Boxed macaroni & cheese taste test; Two new Frappuccinos here to stay.


Loneliness is reaching “epidemic levels” in U.S. and group most at risk isn’t the oldest generation?; It’s the younger people??; Tick, fleas, and mosquito infections spreading rapidly; Airlines working to promote wellness – at 35,000 feet; Probiotics – for kids…and babies??; Healthiest tea you’re not drinking (yet); Gluten and milk-free waffles recall; The humble mushroom.


When you show me love I don’t need your words…but I’ll take your swag – John Mayer now has enough beauty vlogger cred to get free stuff from Chanel?; Tapestry shares nosedive after disappointing sales from Kate Spade; Allergan’s big bet on botox…for men; The sketchy no-rip tights you keep seeing on Instagram; Indian e-commerce’s acute counterfeit problem; ‘Extreme Cut Out’ jeans…for $168?!


People are having their birthday parties at the gym w/pole dancing, kickboxing, and squats?; Under Armour picks up momentum overseas but sales eh here in U.S.; Study supports call for food industry to reduce portion sizes to reduce obesity; Outdoor Voices announces first running-specific sneaker collection; Ketel One’s ‘diet vodka’; “Keto Guido”; The iconic entrepreneur now embarking on second act after hitting $1 million in solo fitness business…

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