Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - May 16, 2018


10-year Treasury yield spikes, spooking stock market, sending mortgage rates to highest level in 7 years; Amazon begins offering exclusive discounts to Prime members who shop at Whole Foods (Florida stores initially; everywhere else this summer); Hedgie David Tepper seals deal to buy Carolina Panthers; Canopy applies to become first pot producer listed on NYSE; Ikea launches new credit card; Squirrels stash 50 pounds of pine cones in car engine????; How to prepare your home – and finances – for a hurricane; Why so many older couples are getting divorced; What’s left, what’s gone, and what’s new at Sears; Top trending vacation hot spots in world; Record-breaking travel, Memorial Day weekend; Tesla buzzcut; Best premade cookie doughs; Wild Berry Fruit Loops


Dangerous levels of sulfur dioxide prompt health warning in Hawaii; PETA names top 10 Vegan-Friendly Cities of 2018; Broccoli the only vegetable you actually need to eat?; Why basil is so good for you (plus ways to use more of it all summer long); How cryotherapy is taking over NYC like nail salons; Best (and worst) smoothie ingredients when watching sugar; Superfoods from around world you’ve never heard of (and what to do w/them); Subtle signs you might have skin cancer; Kroger’s new app (makes shopping for healthy food much easier); Wellness real estate — now a $134 billion industry.


Can a $500 nerve zapper help you lose weight?; Meat, meat, and more meat: extreme, animal-only ‘carnivore diet’ gaining followers; All the ways to measure body fat (and how to get rid of it); Best keto-approved groceries from Trader Joe’s; Preflight workout at an airport gym (a trial run); The 22-year old college dropout who built cult fitness meal plan Kettlebell Kitchen; An extremely fit grandmother; A slimmed-down Mariah Carey.

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