Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - May 17, 2018


How high will interest rates go? History offers some clues; Volcano taking toll on Hawaii economy; YouTube launching new music streaming service next week; Sprinkles Cupcakes creating mini versions of royal wedding cake; It’s getting easier to redeem frequent flyer miles; Arby’s, the king of roast beef, wants you to eat more…lamb??; Institutional investors skeptical on Apple; George Soros – bullish on Elon Musk ($35 million vote of confidence); Best potato chips, ranked; Blueberry glaze donuts, or better yet–Pinot Grigio donuts since it’s apparently National Pinot Grigio Day today; Bumble Bee CEO/price fixing scandal; ‘Stablecoin’ [??]; Heinz Ketchup-flavored ice cream (Thanks, Ed Sheeran).


CDC says it’s safe to eat romaine lettuce now!; Study suggests that maintaining a daily rhythm (being active during day; sleeping at night) more important for mental health than you might realize; Secret to long life is sweet potatoes? Or wait, maybe it’s…bacon??? Lots of bacon???; What your food cravings reveal about nutrients your body needs; How two best friends turned a bunch of weird flavors like “Momma’s PB&J” into thriving tea business; The wellness coach who has helped women lose and keep off thousands of pounds…


Macy’s shares jump on signs that turnaround is working; Online fashion brand Lulus – a mother/daughter duo – raises $120 million; Kiehl’s is having “Friends and Family” sale on its best-selling products; Cult Gaia suing Steve Madden for $15 million [copycat case]; Arizona Iced Tea…pop-up shop?; LaCroix…bathing suits?; Eyelash… shampoo?; Why you’re about to see “cica,” a new magical beauty ingredient, everywhere; How Cynthia Rowley [A NoPo favorite!] built her international fashion brand; The cheap sunscreens dermatologists actually use.


Should you try a teatox? You know, where you drink all sorts of special teas infused w/diuretics, laxatives, and stimulants like caffeine in hopes of dropping a few pounds, like…now?; Kim Kardashian gets slammed for promoting ‘appetite suppressant’ lollipops on Instagram; Experts explain exactly how to eat your way to abs and a butt; New research suggests some calories are better than others; Better diet, bigger brain?; Egg white chips are now a thing…

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