Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - May 22, 2018


Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg resumes his ‘apology tour’–in Europe (testimony will be live-streamed); Google rolls out YouTube Music; Bratz maker gives up on Toys ‘R’ Us; Postal Service adds scratch-and-sniff stamps; Puerto Rico opens first new hotel since hurricanes; Women use Tinder for positive self-affirmation; men for casual sex?; Royal wedding guests selling bag gifts on eBay; Apple’s Siri getting brand new voice; More Americans struggling to pay their credit cards; Snap’s “dirty laundry” – has it been “sufficiently aired out” in the market?; New Uber promo codes – save up to $30 off upcoming rides; Million dollar whiskey (two bottles break records at auction); Diddy’s $21 million art purchase; Trouble in Big Food; Fortune 500 list; The secret to Publix’s key lime pie [Just for you, Michael!]…


An egg a day keeps the doctor away?; Unnecessary and accidental use of ADHD drugs increases over 60%; Daily aspirin linked to higher melanoma risk for men; Parasites and bacteria may be lurking in hotel pools, hot tubs; How stress changes your body; What happens when calcium levels are low; Common ailments that afflict travelers; The cult Ayurvedic herb that might be the answer to all your digestive troubles; Aging well –  in your home..


Saks Fifth Avenue unveils its new brand new $$$$ beauty department today…anyone for a $70 facial..workout!?; Everlane releases first-ever denim skirts and shorts, just in time for Memorial Day; Allbirds and Shake Shack team up for burger-themed sneaker; Proactiv dermatologists break billion-dollar barrier–again; Headwinds for Victoria’s Secret; Sticky fingers @ Bergdorf Goodman; Chanel’s new travel-inspired perfumes; The Kim Kardashian-approved face mask that’s turning beauty industry on its head.


Sweatworking – the new networking?; Fitness studios pumping up profits w/branded merchandise; People w/eating disorders using apps to navigate supermarket aisles; How much exercise you need to keep your heart healthy (Scientists may have the answer!); Why you’re always so hungry for lunch – at 11 a.m.; Weight loss coffee – the latest Instagram scam; Chili’s 1,650-calorie burger — now officially available nationwide.

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