Viral: Soccer star Hall of Fame plaque

Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - May 23, 2018


Thinking of selling your home? Do it before 2020, economists say…Consumer Reports finds ‘big flaws’ w/Tesla Model 3 [Like, the brakes don’t work?] and therefore does not recommend (will re-test at later date); Mark Zuckerberg plays parliament for fools, makes no FRIENDS; Three new bidders step in w/offers to buy maker of Necco Wafers at bankruptcy auction today; Bill Gates shares the 5 books you should read this summer; “Uber for kids”  – changing carpool game, but good idea or…not?; Amazon banning customers from making too many returns; Tourists flooding to Portugal for food and wine; Reese’s giving away $10,000 and year’s supply of candy; State parks that have all of the beauty of national parks–and none of the crowds; Most hated stocks right now [Yep–consumer staples]; First female NYSE president; $5 gas in NYC [Ugh!]; Best barbecue sauces, ranked; ‘Dynamic’ Dundee–must-visit European destination…


Don’t get burned!! Sunscreen pills are fake medicine, FDA says; Study reveals time of year you might be the most stressed and it’s, like, now; Subway’s new wraps – healthier than the subs?; What a liver really looks like after years of heavy drinking; How Pedialyte became go-to hangover cure for adults; The truth about biotin supplements…


Are you aware of the potentially dangerous consequences of microblading, permanent cosmetics??; Zara reopens in London w/robots, holograms and other high-tech features; Sephora launches in-store beauty classes for transgender community; Closets are like….stock portfolios?; High-waisted swimsuits still going strong; ‘Catwoman’ – not as broke as she thinks; Maxx-ed out.


Equinox says “sleep coaches” can improve your fitness?; Experimental drug eases effects of gluten for celiac patients on gluten-free diet; ‘DWTS’ finale loser Tonya Harding [Your favorite, Leslie!] says she lost ‘a lot’ of weight on show; Diet vodka – a thing now, but does it really save that many calories compared to the real stuff?; How Kelly Clarkson dropped 40 before Billboard Awards; Why you should never eat low-calorie ice cream [Oh, ok, will stick w/premium]; Your guide to using electrolytes properly…

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