Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - May 24, 2018


Canopy Growth begins trading on NYSE, making it one of two Canadian pure-play marijuana stocks to list on major U.S. exchange; Uber ends Arizona driverless car program; Britney Spears’ ex Kevin Federline wants more money…seeks three times more than Spears currently pays him; Tempura – hottest menu item in America right now?; How to rake in cash at your yard sale [NoPo says don’t sell that vase in your attic shoebox for 50 cents if you think it could be worth, say, $600,000!]; What a stronger dollar means for investors…and you (good time to travel overseas); Booze that taste best in a Wendy’s Frosty; Amazon Alexa-enabled Tupperware; Best hot dogs, ranked; Sturdiest gas grills; Cryptocurrency freefall; The final straw?


Can weekend sleep counteract harm caused by lack of sleep during week?; Impossible Burger does the impossible and makes world’s first kosher certified ‘cheeseburger’; CVS creates designated areas w/gut-healthy products in 2,500 of its more than 9,000 stores; How nutritional therapy is helping people overcome alcohol addiction; Why mosquitoes are attracted to men who drink beer [So it’s not your cologne after all, Trip!]; What can happen when you drink apple cider vinegar every day; Fruit-scented natural sunscreen...from a beverage company??; Leg exercise – critical to brain and nervous system health; New concerns about lung cancer risk in young women.


Tiffany & Co. dusts off the little blue box to go modern and sales sparkle!; Human Ken Doll reveals career plans; Revlon names its first woman CEO; Victoria’s Secret – stealing competitors’ ideas?; How two 22-year olds made $1 million in four months after creating world’s ‘must-have’ beauty mask; What you need to know about the lash lift [Like, what the heck is it??]; Kohl’s partnership w/Popsugar (millennial apparel line); Louis Vuitton’s World Cup collectionStylish cakes that match your clothes?


Can your diet reduce the effects of air pollution? Here’s what a new study says; Halo Top is bringing its first low-calorie soft serve (peaches & cream) to NYC via temporary pop-up; What the much-hyped Nordic diet is (and how it differs from the Mediterranean diet); Why fitness influencers are obsessed with these pancakes; Reasons you keep regaining weight you’ve work so hard to lose; Everything you could possibly want to know about protein powder; Comprehensive guide to every type of yogurt; A slimmed-down Rob Kardashian.

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