“Didn’t meet projections but amounts to a new personal best.–Director Ron Howard, in acknowledgement of lackluster box office results over Memorial Day Weekend for the much-hyped ‘Solo: A Stars Wars Story’. Bad timing? Franchise fatigue? Both?

Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - May 29, 2018


Have you rebooted your router yet? If not, FBI says do it..now!; Starbucks closing 8000 stores this afternoon for bias training; iPhone screen makers tanking on report that Apple switching to displays they can’t make; Credit card companies quietly cutting back on under-the-radar perk that consumers love; Oil prices falling…and falling fast; How to keep Alexa from eavesdropping on you; Why two Japanese melons just sold for > $29,000 at auction; Sneak peak at Richard Branson’s new cruise line; Every movie and TV show leaving Netflix in June; Coca-Cola’s first alcoholic drink (Japan only); Airbnb for…horses?; The debut of Arrested Development season five; The return of Flippy, the hamburger-making robot; Hormel spam recall; Vineyard hail hell.


Do home medical tests for food intolerance actually work? Or are kits like EverlyWell (as seen on Shark Tank) promising more than can deliver?; CDC says permethrin treated clothing may “disable” ticks; Study finds most popular vitamin and mineral supplements provide no health benefit; ‘Vegan’ is least appealing marketing term?; Pseudo-cures ($$) for pseudo-illnesses; The truth behind hot dog ingredients and the real health concerns; Costco’s $5 acai bowls.


Are you a vegetarian…sorta, kinda, every now and then? Even “casual” vegetarians may reap benefits of strict vegetarians, such as protection against obesity in middle age; BBC news anchor Huw Edwards becomes sex symbol, ‘silver fox’ after losing a lot of weight; SoulCycle ends ride for IPO; Hamptons dwellers dropping $3000 for Tracy Anderson classes??; The return of ’80s aerobics; A growing obesity/bariatric surgery devices market; Best pool exercises; Wines < 100 calories.

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