“One bright spot to the market sell-off has been the plunge in 10-year Treasury yields, the common benchmark for fixed mortgage rates. After seeing mortgage rates run up to a 7-year high recently, any pullback is welcome news to home shoppers. If you’ve been on the fence about locking your rate, this is your opportunity.” Bankrate.com‘s chief financial analyst Greg McBride, on yesterday’s big market decline.

Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - May 30, 2018


George Soros sees new global financial crisis brewing; Yahoo hacker whose work compromised 500M accounts gets five years; Uber adds 9-1-1 assistance to rider app; Katz’s Deli starts subscription service for its famous pastrami; Pret A Manger finds buyer; People are using Venmo to spy on cheating spouses?; How to apply for $350 million in student loan forgiveness; Why Americans have fallen out of love w/NASCAR; Horrific new airline toilets; World’s cutest bullet train; Run-up in home prices; Foods that are better – or cheaper – at the farmer’s market; Roger Federer’s $23,000 limited-edition champagne; Trader Joe’s $3.99 organic wines.


Serena Williams holds court at French Open – her first major since becoming a mom – in superhero catsuit; De Beers admits defeat over man-made diamonds; Valentino and L’Oréal join forces to create new line of beauty products; Trina Turk partners w/’Incredibles 2′ for active swimwear; Layoffs at Opening Ceremony amid search for new investor; Jessica Simpson’s massive shoe closetNike ‘Fanny Pack’…slides??


When it comes to junk food, it turns out you are what you watch? Yup, watching junk food commercials makes you consume extra calories; A new study finds antidepressant use may be associated w/weight gain over time; Tara Reid’s skinny 95-pound bikini body fuels health worries on Instagram; Link between good eyesight & sports performance; Best day hike in every state; The diet that’s quietly killing middle-aged men.

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