Jesus wouldn’t be riding a donkey.” — The Louisiana gospel televangelist who is asking disciples to help him buy a $54 million private jet. No donations as of today.

Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - May 31, 2018


Hurricane season 2018 begins tomorrow, and it’s expected to be a really bad one; Consumer Reports reverses course, recommends Tesla Model 3 after Elon Musk improves brakes; Jagermeister goes fancy w/new super-premium liqueur; Sears likely to collapse, but its biggest stakeholder will be just…fine; Amazon now offering Whole Foods discounts to Prime members in dozen extra states; Singapore Airlines officially bringing back world’s longest flight; Uber — on track for 2019 IPO?; Why the dentist w/million in student debt spells trouble for student loan program; Where to get free donuts on National Donut Day (tomorrow); Amazon Alexa’s best hidden talents; Walmart’s new employee perk (college for $1/day); Best Netflix documentaries for June 2018; Reusable straw options; Trader Joe’s Spicy Cheese Crunchies; Hidden Valley Ranch potato chips and popcorn.


Start colon and rectal cancer screenings at 45, not 50, American Cancer Society urges; Ava, maker of fertility-tracking bracelet, raises $30M to double down on women’s health; Study finds artificial intelligence better than dermatologists at detecting skin cancers??; How wellness pros supercharge their water; Why putting bone broth [?] in your smoothies is about to be next big thing; What Jeff Bezos and hospice patients say you will regret most in life; Further proof that triclosan, which is in hundreds of everyday products, is bad for us; The nutritional scoop on Costco’s $5 “healthy” acai bowls; Alt-milk.

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