“My dream is to be the best drummer in the world. – Yoyoka Soma, the 8-year old whose video of her crushing Led Zeppelin’s ‘Good Times Bad Times’ has gone viral.

Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - June 13, 2018


Fed all but certain to raise interest rates at conclusion of its two-day meeting today…question is–central bank going to keep its forecast for a total of three hikes this year or bump it up?; Tesla cuts 3600 workers (9% workforce) in bid to boost profits; Toyota pours $1-billion into ride-hailing firm Grab; Vase found in attic sells for $19 million??!; Melissa Rivers, the only child of late comedian Joan Rivers, selling posh Pacific Palisades property for $6.2 million; JetSmarter making private jets more accessible; Landlords practically giving malls away; Fauchon…hotel?; Trader Joe’s new summer items; Personal pensions – pros & cons; Cheap Aldi whisky (named among best in world again); Record high, used car prices; Loaded Cheesy Taco Cheez-It Grooves (now); Ben & Jerry’s limited edition Banana Stand Sundae (only until the 17th); M&A mania (ahead); PotCoin.


Young Mississippi girl’s sudden paralysis caused by a tick on her scalp??!; Johnny Depp puts thin frame and man bun on display amidst fans’ concern for his health…as he puffs on cigarette and like, whatever; Study says erectile dysfunction indicates risk of heart disease; Next big grain freekeh – like quinoa on steriods?; The unexpected symptom that finally led to Maria Menounos’ brain tumor diagnosis; A more grounded ‘In Goop Health’ Wellness Summit (now in its 2nd year); Medications & depression; Joy Behar’s “avocado hand”; “Nightfood” bars.


Shoemaker Christian Louboutin wins trademark case on red soled high-heels..so maybe now we won’t see so many copycats, like, everywhere???; Lands’ End shares soar as more Sears stores close; Lush sells 12,000 shampoo bars (yes, shampoo bars..and if you haven’t seen them, they look like macarons) in 48 hours; Adidas creates exclusive velvet football worth $15,600 for World Cup; Men’s shorts getting shorter and women’s — longer??; CoverGirl opening first-ever retail store.


Weight loss surgery…in a pill?; Maybe..particularly since there have been more deaths – now 12! – associated w/use of balloon devices; J.P. Morgan sees Weight Watchers rallying > 20% as it adds more ‘influencers’ like Oprah; Elle Macpherson says she banished her ‘muffin top’ (and gained abs) by giving up sugar; Australian bodybuilder says chocolate milk is “cure for anything”; What an integrative nutritionist eats to balance her hormones; How alcohol affects weight loss; Why you get hangry; Advanced sex positions that double as workout?; Coming soon: Halo Top ice cream parlors.

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