Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - June 14, 2018


Are we getting…dumber??; Fed rate hike adds $2.2 billion in credit card interest rate charges (and this is just the beginning, FYI); Elon Musk, who just got green light to build high-speed train to Chicago’s airport, buys another $25 million worth of Tesla stock as he pushes for profit; House flipping start-up Opendoor lands $325 million to expand across U.S.; Average millennial expects to become millionaire at some point and retire at age…56??; Comcast going all-in to win 21st Century Fox; Sprint ending $15/month unlimited promotion tomorrow (too much demand); Chef’d bringing its meal kits to Walgreens, Duane Reade; Bitcoin prices fallllllllling; Vanilla nearly as expensive as silver (ut oh–ice cream, cookies, etc. $$); Credit cards w/100,000-point welcome bonuses; Best taco trucks in America; Measuring made easy; Foot-long Doritos.


Do religious people really live longer than atheists? And the study says…..YES; David Spade donates $100,000 to help those affected by mental illness; Moon milk is latest wellness trend determined to give you good night’s sleep; Rare tick inexplicably turns up in…Arkansas; What to know about pea protein; How CVS Health benefits from AT&T-Time Warner decision; Why you should avoid activated charcoal; The return of the women’s libido pill…and all of the controversy..


Vintage Hermès Birkin bag sells at Christie’s auction for record £162,500 in London – sale makes handbag most expensive ever to sell at European auction; Draper James launches new Mommy and Me collection [Hi, Dara!]; H&M changes its sizing so we’re all, like, smaller, and can now officially shop in the kids’ section; Shudu—the world’s first digital model??; Cactus water having major moment in beauty world right now; Missteps at Victoria’s Secret opening up door for other lingerie retailers (Adore Me!); Bare essentials becoming barely…affordable; Best-dressed team at World Cup; (em)POWER Laces.


Your spin class – especially if you’re a beginner/don’t exercise regularly – could injure you as much as car accident would??; New research shows marathoners have less arthritis than non-runners; Study says fitness trackers–when paired w/cold hard cash–might give you push needed to start regular exercise routine; Keto Coffee to help you hit ketosis faster??; Why matching your diet to your personality might be worth a shot; How many calories you eat after night of heavy drinking; Prada yoga mats.

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