Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - June 19, 2018


Bidders jockeying for Toys ‘R’ Us? > 115 companies interested in brand?; Audi resuming crisis talks after CEO arrest; Uber experimenting w/letting riders wait longer in exchange for cheaper rides; Coca-Cola, Nestlé and Kraft Heinz eyeing GSK’s Horlicks, the beloved malted drink brand; Spirit Airlines expanding service internationally [NoPo says NoWay]: AT&T exploring more acquisitions; ‘Mini-retirement’ – just as rewarding as early retirement?; An important Apple iOS update (will include automatic location sharing w/911 centers); Phil Mickelson’s futuristic fro-yo investment; Dunkin’s new line of chocolates; Worst tippers in America; Money & happiness (contrary findings); World Wealth Report.


Millennials are on track to have worse health in middle age than their parents???; Artificial trans fats, widely linked to heart disease, officially banned; Cigarettes must now be labeled “deadly”…and “addictive”; Disney issues seizure warning for ‘Incredibles 2’ movie; Natalie Portman wants you to take another look at the food you’re eating; Heather Locklear in for psychological evaluation; The $6 sunscreen that got perfect score by Consumer Reports; Pros & cons, home DNA testing for health; Aging in place vs. assisted living; Gluten-free beers that actually taste…good.


Lilly Pulitzer releases yet another limited edition line of S’Well water bottles–they going to sell out yet again?; Fendi show confirms short-shorts and man bags really are back [Jeff, you could pull this off]; Strandlighting is this summer’s coolest hair-lightening technique; ‘Catwoman’ accused of losing $250,000 worth of jewelry; Kate Spade’s funeral arrangements.


A third of children use dietary supplements??; Extreme dieters choosing gluten-free products because they think they’re “healthy,” but new research show some who buy “healthy” also have “unhealthy” behaviors; Foods that are both fatty and sweet can hijack part of the brain that regulates food consumption; How one woman lost 45 pounds by changing her routine every 30 days (whether new exercise regime or diet trend); Why your brain loves mac and cheese more than macaroni or cheese alone; Coming soon to a city near you: silent glow yoga…quiet cardio…and quiet clubbing???

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