Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - June 21, 2018


People are getting loans to pay for vacation???; Disney ramping up fight w/Comcast for control of 21st Century Fox; Instagram adding hour-long videos to take on YouTube;  Romance…wilting in theaters but abloom on Netflix?; AMC rolls out $20 monthly subscription to rival MoviePass; Paperless Post launches alternative to Facebook events; Tinder parent company buys anti-Tinder dating app Hinge; Lisa Marie Presley says her share of Elvis’ $100 million fortune is…gone; Gold – flashing warning signs for stocks as it did in 2007? What say you, Ron?; A $24 million tear down on Nantucket; Top-ranked carsTech on tear; KFC pickle fried chicken.


Sleepless nights? Bose wants to help w/noise-masking earbuds; Dimon, Bezos, Buffett announce CEO of their newly-formed health care company; Gatorade goes sugarless – for first time in its 53-year-history; Starbucks blames ‘health and wellness’ for sagging Frappuccino sales; New research finds humble lentil could lower blood sugar by > 20%?!; How wellness became foundation of supermodel Elle Macpherson’s health business; Why hotels getting a lot more…spiritual; Symptoms of heat illness everyone should know; Best vegan meat substitutes; Keto snacks you gotta get from Trader Joe’s; The $25 yogurt that has cult-like following.


A modern form of at Anthropologie?? Others?; Stitch Fix shares pop on speculation Oprah taking stake in company; Amazon’s try-on clothing service opens up to all Prime members; Carbon dioxide injections – aka “carboxytherapy” – to reduce belly fat??; Sneaky ways pool chlorine and salt water affect your skin; The $9 self-tanner that everyone loves; A final goodbye to Kate Spade today in Kansas City…and a million-dollar donation from Kate Spade New York to support mental health awareness and suicide prevention.


What is the “Insanity” workout and should you try it?; Peloton launches app that’s available to anyone–no $$ bike or treadmill required; Aaptiv raises $22 million from Amazon, Disney, others for its “Netflix of fitness,” now valued > $200 million; Elle Macperson slammed for promoting meal replacement shakes for a ‘summer body’; SoulCycle…media division?; How this company used Instagram marketing to become a leading fitness brand; What India’s traditional yoga teachers want you to know for International Yoga Day (today); The $20,000 ‘cracker diet’ that CEOS are eating up; Keto constipation.

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