Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - June 26, 2018


GE officially exits Dow today after 100-plus years; AMC launches its rival to MoviePass; US astronaut Buzz Aldrin sues his children for ‘misuse of finances’; Instagram now worth $100 billion?!?; Why you’re in denial if you think you or your elderly parents won’t be scammed; What cruise ship companies are doing to get you on board; When it’s “worth it” to work w/financial advisor; How to make delicious ice cream at home w/out an ice cream maker; Campbell Soup — piping hot?; Surge in new home sales; The 242-square foot “Wee Cottage” in NYC that’s listed for $550,000; Oreo’s new State Fair Cookie; Arby’s $1 Coke Floats; Netflix in July: what’s coming…and going.


Red meat allergies caused by tick bites are on the rise; FDA approves first marijuana-based prescription drug; Tablets are a pain in the neck–literally; Anthropologie getting into wellness??; Sneaky ways some food brands trick you into eating more sugar; Trader Joe’s cotton candy grapes [Get ’em while you can!]; Sleep water.


Outdoor Voices looks for second act – aggressive plan to open 22 stores in next 10 months and launch more products (including swimwear line); Moon Juice Founder introduces funky new beauty line; Tori Spelling lands gig as host of beauty reality show that’s focused on professional makeovers; Latest K beauty trend says you should wash your face w/sparkling water?; How Hunter boots became a music festival fashion staple; Why Prep Cosmetics is making sunscreen for tweenagers; What Sephora’s free pore vacuum facial is really like; Starbucks’ new Los Angeles-themed summer merchandise; Loincloth bikini trend.


Can Planet Fitness stock keep hitting new all-time highs?; Functional fitness is the workout you never knew your body needed; Belly fat is more dangerous than you think; Your workouts could actually be triggering your migraines; An app for renting workout clothes????; Nutritional guide to the ice cream aisle; Primer on ‘clean eating’; Best socks for walking; Kelly Clarkson’s “cheat food”

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