Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - June 27, 2018


Amazon Prime discount comes to all Whole Foods today; FBI warns of online car-buying scam; Lexus recalls > 120,000 cars; Radio glitch triggers alarm on JetBlue flight at JFK airport; Pepper the robot makes debut at HSBC Bank in New York; A decent new rewards credit card from Wells Fargo, but ugh –  another scandal??; How MoviePass, the “Netflix for cinemas,” stacks up against its rivals; Why short selling can make you rich, but not popular; The $185 Wagyu beef sandwich that keeps making headlines; #1 reason people cancel their meal kit subscriptions; America’s love of Dairy Queen; Hershey’s and Reese’s whipped cream; Robotics Engineer BarbieStrawberry Moon.


Modified polio vaccine helps fight deadly brain tumors??; Harvard study finds flight attendants have higher risk of getting cancer; GE announces plan to spin off health care unit as part of major reshaping; A genetic test for…cilantro preference???; How Elizabeth Holmes, once lauded as youngest self-made female billionaire, fooled everyone; Why Americans are more stressed about money than work and relationships; Cottage cheese on comeback trail (new flavors, small-batch appeal); LaCroix parent company in hot water (fizzy math?); Best Children’s Hospitals.


What is hypno-fasting and will it really turn you into a fat-burning machine??; Jillian Michaels says you should lift weights four times a week (!) for positive results; Brain study reveals why some people fail to stick to their diet; Pumping iron – help you live longer?; Best beach cruisers to kick off summer; Throwback workouts that don’t feel like…exercise; The keto diet & your sex drive.

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