Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - July 16, 2018


Amazon’s Prime Day kicks off today at 3 pm ET (what to buy/what not to buy; stores that will/will not match prices; and unintentional winners of 36-hour sale); Ikea recalls its new pet water fountain after two dogs die; ‘Hotel Transylvania 3′ tops box office as ‘Skyscraper’ tumbles; MoviePass stock worthless but boss says everything fine?; Many millennials buckling under weight of bad credit; Middle children going extinct; Hottest ice cream flavor in America right now; Starbucks new sippy cup lids; Last Blockbuster standing; #PolishDogDrama.


An orange a day keeps macular degeneration away?; McDonald’s pulls salad from thousands of restaurants as parasite outbreak escalates; Dog heart disease may be linked to potato-based pet food; Documentary that looks inside troubled mind of late Robin Williams airs tonight; Full fat milk and…longer life??; A review of Casper’s new pay-per-nap store; WeWork’s no meat policy; Wine whine in France; Contaminated crab meat from Venezuela.

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