Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - July 17, 2018


Feeling lucky? The 10th-largest Mega Millions payout in history–estimated $375 million–is up for grabs today; Amazon suffers Prime Day outage; Netflix subscriber numbers disappoint, stock plunges; Warren Buffett gives $3.4 billion to charity; Rolls-Royce joins race to develop flying taxi; Americans treat themselves to $143,000 of indulgences over lifetime??; American cities w/most million-dollar homes; The first ever Sotheby’s auction dedicated entirely to…gold!; IHOP’s 60-cent pancakes (today only); Walmart’s $11 wines, tested; Apple’s new emojis; Pasta straws.


What is Workout 18.4 and why are CrossFitters so obsessed w/it?; Nigela Lawson says that healthy eating might be disordered eating in disguise; Baking soda is latest ingredient to be saddled w/weight-loss claims??; Factors that play role in why some people gain weight and become obese; Signs you should add electrolytes to your exercise routine; The truth about low-calorie, low-fat ice creams.

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