Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - July 19, 2018


Ford recalls 550,000 Escape, Fusion vehicles over rollaway danger; Amazon touts ‘record’ Prime Day despite site glitches; Netflix brings its comedy to radio; Venmo–ruining relationships?; Porsche fans reportedly signing up to buy company’s Tesla rival; CEOs dumping stock in their companies; LaCroix’s massive popularity putting pressure on big soda (Bezos looking to get in-natch); America’s first pot IPO; A tiny bar doing BIG business; Cord cutting, cord cutting, cord cutting; Tougher phone glass; Lay’s new “Tastes of America” flavors; Chipotle’s Avocado Tostada.


Is plant-based milk really milk? FDA could soon determine, and makers may need to find alternate description; Man dies of bacterial infection after eating bad oysters; Hot dogs and beef jerky are linked to…mania???!!!; ‘World’s first’ melanoma blood test; The Peruvian avocado doppelgänger that’s next “it” superfood; Poison parsnip.


Is Victoria’s Secret really hanging by a [g]-string??; Celebrity Brazilian plastic surgeon on run after patient dies during botched butt enlargement; Avon looks to swap door-knocks for…knock, knock — Instagram fans; Peanut butter and jelly… hair trend?; An influx of deformities from bad microneedling jobs; A new sunbathing calculator to prevent burning; The return of tropical tops (again); High-heel Nike…sneakers.


Fat-burning drug derived from chili pepper chemical successful in early trials; Intermittent fasting shows promise – even for those > 50; Dietitian says reheating leftover pasta lets you enjoy “fewer carbohydrates and calories”??; How Orangetheory grew to dominate boutique fitness industry; Why it’s not great idea to encourage your teen to diet; The pocket-sized breath analyzer that promises to hack your metabolism.

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