Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - July 24, 2018


A philosopher asks: Is a longer life a happier one?; Breast cancer patients report heavy financial toll of treatment, as in…bankruptcy; Rising temperatures from climate change linked to rise in suicides??; A $33 drink that tastes like liquefied plastic..but allegedly makes you smarter…stronger; Impossible Foods’ major victory in its battle for legitimacy; Motherhood & Alzheimer’s risk; Vegan hummus ice cream; Radioactive wine??


Carb backloading – a buzzy ketogenic alternative, but too good to be true?; Top SoulCycle instructor and fitness author Stacey Griffith moving to LA and her clients are ‘flipping’; Orangetheory Fitness growing, growing, growing (now 1,000 studios and counting); Renée Taylor on her one-woman show My Life on A Diet; Legal charges for private investigator who targeted Richard Simmons; Cereal: Not the breakfast of champions.

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