Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - July 25, 2018


From tablecloths to tenants? Overstock makes move into real estate; Single ticket wins $522 million jackpot; General Motors jumps into peer-to-peer car sharing; $1 billion theme park opens in Abu Dhabi; Iconic Brady Bunch house goes up for sale; Plans to make airport security screenings slightly less painful??; Millennials and their…plants; Your $$$ Netflix habit; Bitcoin bounce; Blue news (as in JetBlue); Mayonnaise ice cream mayhem.


Hot Cheetos, spicy snacks may have led to teen’s gallbladder removal surgery???; A study of 140,000 people says walking this much per week adds years to your life; New Netflix documentary The Bleeding Edge shows how essential it is to be your own health advocate; Hope for peanut allergies?; A new pill to reduce pain from endometriosis; Hemp macarons.


As handbags rise in popularity again [finally!], will shoes lose their ‘it’ status?; ThredUp partners w/cast of ‘Real Housewives of New York’ so fans can now snag pieces from the closets of various Housewives, like, you know, her…and her…her…and oh, yeah–her!; Woman almost loses leg after getting infection she blames on salon pedicure?!?!; Fast fashion through the lens of Instagram; Innovation @ Perry Ellis International; H&M’s new fragrance collection; Skin-toned beach towels.


Man gets arrested for exercising naked at Planet Fitness gym in New Hampshire…tells police he thought it was ‘judgment-free zone’; Lululemon names Sephora executive CEO; Fans want Netflix’s Insatiable cancelled (petition circulating, pressure mounting); New diet claims you can lose weight eating only steak…and burgers???; Nike’s new store concept; A super fancy Equinox.

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