Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - July 31, 2018


Big tech plunges into correction–tailspin wipes out > $80 billion dollars in value; Kroger may expand ban on Visa credit cards in escalating fight over swipe fees; Six-year old YouTube star brings own toy line to Walmart; Netflix announces new series and premiere dates for fall season; Alex Trebek hints he’s retiring from Jeopardy in 2020; August – good chance of being more volatile month for stocks?; A 15-page proposal that says world needs a white wine emoji; Most common (and egregious) consumer complaints of year; The astonishing 6.9% dividend everyone has…missed; Utz White Cheddar Cheeseball Baseballs; Dunkin’ Run menu.


QVC turns to Facebook Live to boost its beauty category; Ralph Lauren vows to stop using mohair in all garments; Lawsuit reveals alleged harsh reality of modeling industry; Why one of the hottest plastic surgery procedures – Brazilian butt lift! – is also the deadliest; Where fashion’s top designers dream of vacationing; Urban Outfitters x Laura Ashley collaboration?; The woman who has spent millions making her entire life…pink!


So…if you look at the most-hyped diets out there…the keto diet might be “most popular”…Mediterranean–“best all around”…but what about going Dutch, which allows both carbs and dairy??; Young women lacking vital nutrients such as potassium and copper because of trendy diets; Planet Fitness rewarding shareholders w/all-time highs; Peloton going big–or about to…bust.

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