Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - August 15, 2018


Amazon now owns $1 billion worth of other companies?!?!; Tesla directors do damage control as Elon Musk crisis deepens; Home Depot shows Wall Street it’s no fixer upper; Crazy Rich Asians hits theaters today ($26 million-plus debut expected); Paris rolls out sidewalk…urinals?; TSA testing airport security scanners that let travelers leave liquids, electronics in carry-on bags; JetBlue’s premium Mint service expanding to new locations; MoviePass un-canceling people’s accounts?!?!?!; Stricter emotional support rules at Southwest (cats and dogs only!); A new rewards card for foodies; Highest-paying jobs in America; Tinder swipe-out; Slurpee-flavored…cookies.


Starbucks debuts vegan cold brew drinks packed w/plant-based protein??; Multi-gene test may find risk of heart disease and more; Celery juice is latest wellness trend — one you should follow?; What your nails say about your health; How Moon Juice’s Founder built her wildly popular wellness brand; Why trying to be happy is making you…miserable; Girl Scout’s newest gluten-free cookie; World’s most liveable city.


Tiffany & Co. maps multi-year renovation of its vital flagship store; Walmart teams up w/Ellen DeGeneres to launch denim-based fashion line; Handbag sales help carry Coach brand back to ‘full health’; Brazilian butt lifts and…mortality?!?!; The ultimate bridal accessory (Lady Gaga-approved); A primer on red light therapy (how it works/why you should try it); Sylvester Stallone’s million-dollar watch.


New research confirms what we’ve long suspected — men really do drop pounds faster than women!; Coca-Cola invests in BodyArmor as it chases Gatorade; Runner gets gushing nosebleed…takes wrong turn…and yet still wins European Championship women’s marathon; ‘Detox teas’ like Teami — help you lose weight?; SoulCycle’s Kim Perfetto on her favorite bike routes around the world; A new app that scans food labels to ensure they’re compliant w/your diet; Starbucks calorie infographic.

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