Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - August 23, 2018



Apple on track for its best month in five years…but could be time for a breather?; Olive Garden’s Pasta Pass goes on sale today (and there’s a new annual option, John!); Disney offers to pay school tuition for tens of thousands of hourly workers; Tequila sends George Clooney to top of best-paid actors list; Canopy – chance to be Google of pot?; Amazon – worth $2.5 trillion by 2024?; Lowe’s slimming down to better compete w/Home Depot; Target’s new strategy paying off; Crazy Rich Asians – potential bonanza for Singapore tourism; Ben & Jerry’s snackable cookie dough chunks; Crayola’s ‘decorate your own ice cream cake’; The return of Pop-Tarts…cereal.



Move over, collagen–there’s a buzzy new skin-care supplement in town…we’re talking hyaluronic acid? In supplement form???; Amazon starts selling fashion, sportswear in Brazil; Kaia Gerber unveils her own clothing line w/Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld; Froot Loops…fashion?; Ziplock hats..aprons..backpacks..fanny packs; Kim Kardashian’s French Fries clutch.


Jenna Jameson describes diet she used to drop 60 pounds, but should fans follow her plan for long-term weight loss?; Oprah Winfrey partners w/Kraft to launch line of frozen pizza w/cauliflower crust; Fitbit introduces $150 fitness tracker that’s waterproof and gets 7 days of battery life; Cycling – one of best activities you can do to banish bad day and boost mental health.

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