Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - September 17, 2018


Amazon staff taking kickbacks from merchants? Selling customer data? Scrapping poor reviews–for a fee? Company investigates…; Florence floods Carolinas, exposes gaps in flood insurance; Apple releases major software updates today; Salesforce co-founder buys Time magazine; Taco Bell – ‘Best Mexican Restaurant’ in USA??; Homeowners sitting on $6 trillion in available cash..and not tapping it; American eating habits changing faster than fast food chains can keep up; Pampers ditching ‘Sesame Street’ over gender concerns?; Definitive ranking of Babybel cheese, from worst to best; Insane pizza topping combinations that shouldn’t work, but do; An early Christmas for farmers in $2 billion real-tree industry; A successful debut for Paul McCartney’s new album (#1!); The death of the VW Beetle (again); J.P. Morgan’s date for the next Financial Crisis; Emmy predictions.


Daily low-dose aspirin later in life? Risks may outweigh benefits; Matthew Perry gets online sympathy after revealing health issue that landed him in hospital last three months; Luxury hotels carve out wellness enclaves for health-conscious travelers; Fortnite game addiction and…divorce?!; Use (and effectiveness) of apple cider vinegar for arthritis; The explosion of U.S. vegan food sales; A beginner’s guide to plant-based eating; Lumen’s ‘Tinder for Seniors’..


Companies want to sell you a ‘hyperoptimized diet’ and all they need is your…DNA?; ClassPass shakes up fitness scene in Bangkok; Polar launches two new fitness watches that measure the wattage of your exercise; How our diet is affected by education, socioeconomic status and culture; Why aqua boxing (?) is game changer for your workouts; What Under Armour is doing to turn its business around; Fake bike helmets: cheap but dangerous; The Fitness Cruise Ship.

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