Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - September 19, 2018


Is now a good time to buy Tilray?; iPhone XS reviews starting to come in and they’re widely favorable; ‘Safety stocks’ driving autumn market rally; Freezing your credit about to be free…and fast; Banking w/Bezos?; An optimistic holiday sales outlook; A look inside world’s first ‘underground’ hotel; Ferrari’s most powerful road car ever; United’s new boarding process; The weird and wonderful life of Elon Musk.


Is America’s love affair w/meat starting to lose its luster?; Four people get cancer from donated organ in ‘extraordinarily rare’ case; New study shows dietary fiber can delay brain aging; Some supermarket yogurts contain more sugar than Coke?!?; How an anti-inflammatory diet including coffee, chocolate, and red wine could reduce your chances of dying early; Why maintaining bone health starts in youth; When contact lenses cause…vision problems; Best nutrition tech, gadgets and innovation 2018; Vegan “brisket” outrage.


Who is Yusaku Maezawa? He’s a billionaire digital fashion retailer, and SpaceX’s first lunar tourist (Oh…and you can find him on Twitter @yousuck2020); Harry Styles poses w/baby animals in Gucci’s new campaign; Reese Witherspoon talks southern hairstyles (learn how to hot roll!) and recipes in Whiskey in a Teacup; Town & Country‘s first-ever Preppy Awards; Reopening of the Playboy Club.


Do you get enough fiber and protein? Or too much sugar and salt? This chart will show you how to keep balanced diet; Inspiring grocery store coworkers lose over 200 pounds on keto diet; “Just good pals” Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx hit gym together in Altanta; Doctors not sending obese patients to diet counseling?; Something you should know about the 100% meat ‘pure carnivore diet’; The truth about “fat-burning” foods’ magical powers.

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