Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - September 26, 2018


Should you get the nasal spray flu vaccine this year?; Kathy Ireland hoping her name – and $2 billion company – can shed stigma attached to cannabis oil w/new line of wellness products; Gwyneth Paltrow bringing Goop to UK; Workplace wellness programs becoming a bit more..contentious?; How to balance your hormones w/simple lifestyle changes; What goes on in your body while getting zzzzzs; Why regular bedtime may benefit your heart and metabolism; Health impact of affectionate touch; American Airlines’ healthier in-flight food options; Ikea’s vegan hot dog.


Halle Berry says she loves cardio workouts because they lead to ‘increased sexual arousal’?; Lululemon, the brand that invented athleisure, plans its second act; New research suggests short bout of exercise might boost memory; The smartest home gym you’ve ever seen; 10 surprising costs of losing weight; A bike helmet that can fold down to the size of a water bottle.

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