Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - October 3, 2018


Toys ‘R’ Us..revival?; Petal raises $34 million and launches credit card for credit score-less; Serena Williams calls financial abuse a form of domestic violence in new video; ‘Bawdy,’ 1,300 male bachelor party, takes over cruise ship; Tesla – $1 trillion-dollar company by 2030?; Mattress Firm planning bankruptcy filing as soon as this week; Complaints about iPhone XS stacking up; Aston Martin taking on Ferrari; Debt Lasso method to pay off debt faster?; Why solo travel is on rise; How vacation homes went from private escape to investment opportunities; The Trader Joe’s pumpkin foods you need in your life; A rare calico lobster; Apple’s new emojis.


Almost half of women and third of men will develop dementia, stroke, or Parkinson’s?!; NASA study shows traveling to Mars could ruin your gut, cause cancer; Hoarding, a big problem among elderly, apparently starts in…childhood; Lindsay Lohan’s mental health–alarming?; How the change of seasons messes w/your health; Why you should budget $200 for safe sex if you use Tinder; The weird fruit that could become the next strawberry; Butternut squash pizza crust.


Research suggests artificial sweeteners found in Diet Coke and other soft drinks are ‘toxic to gut bacteria’–even in low doses; A new report says almost 40% of Americans eat fast food on any given day; World’s longest hiking trail (1,700 miles through 17 national parks!) opens in Chile; Lululemon and Strava team up to launch series of virtual ghost races; Southern cooking — killing African Americans?; The first designer sneaker you can actually work out in; A gym for pregnant women only; Keto foods to add to your grocery list.

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