Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - October 11, 2018


Bonds and equities are doing something they don’t usually do — fall in unison…A signal that bad times ahead?; Apple plans to give away original content for free to device owners as part of new digital TV strategy; World’s longest flight (nearly 19 hours) makes debut today; FT says James Murdoch in line for Tesla chair (Musk says “This is incorrect.”); Japanese passport – most powerful in world; Millennials kill again and latest victim is…American cheese?!; Snapchat’s big move into scripted TV; Lexus’ first-ever luxury yacht; Country’s best fast-food desserts; Zombie Skittles.


When the going gets tough, have a…nap?; YouTube launches 9 new playlists on taking care of your mental health; CVS and Aetna’s game-changing merger inches away from finish line; How hormone testing could help you find answers to your most mysterious health issues; Why you shouldn’t take sleeping pill every night; What Oprah Winfrey learned from her health scare; Which type of milk you should be drinking (almond? oat? soy? pea? hemp?); Difference between feeling sad and being depressed; Importance of hugs (big impact on mood and stress); Cape Cod’s Pink Himalayan Salt & Vinegar chips to support breast cancer research; Clean wine.

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