Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - October 15, 2018


Mega Millions, Powerball: How’s $999 million sound?; Sears, drowning in red ink, finally files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy; Hurricane Michael, algae crisis tests resiliency of Florida tourism business; Two hot marijuana stocks about to trade on U.S. exchanges–buys??; Ben & Jerry’s hosting Halloween tours of Flavor Graveyard in Vermont; Hugh Hefner’s black silk pajamas and red smoking jacket going up for auction next month; Michael Bublé quitting music following young son’s battle w/cancer liver; ‘Teslaquila’–coming soon?; Sotheby’s Home – new online consignment marketplace; Papa John’s Jack-O’-Lantern pizza; Boozy hot sauceShake Shack Singapore.


Vaping Viagra? FDA says…NO; Flu season takes first victim w/child death; AI pioneer awarded prize for dementia-treating robot; CrossFit’s Greg Glassman takes on healthcare; Wellness–an antidote to overtourism?; YouTube stars being accused of profiting off fans’ depression; Fertility apps increasingly being used as contraception; Heineken bringing non-alcoholic ‘healthy’ beer to U.S.; Zzz Natural: the cannabis brand aiming to solve America’s $400 billion sleeping problem.


What’s actually in your dietary supplements? Maybe…drugs?!; Apple donating 1,000 watches for new study to track binge eating; Planet Fitness offering free services to Hurricane Michael victims; Red Lobster – so keto-friendly, you might struggle to pick one meal?; What it really means to be ‘in shape’; How French women stay slim w/out dieting; Why you should eat dinner at…2pm.

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