Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - October 23, 2018


Watch out for ‘dead cat bounce’ in stocks because there’s more pain ahead?; Lottery players have chance to win big in today’s record Mega Millions drawing worth $1.6 billion; Nearly 800,000 pounds of ready-to-eat products pulled from Trader Joe’s and Harris Teeter; Hurricane Willa expected to make landfall in Mexico this afternoon; You can now book a vacation just by taking an Instagram screenshot?; Philip Morris unveiling new smokeless cigarettes in bid to rev up sales; Stephen King letting kids make film adaptation of one of his short stories for…$1; Credit scores getting tweak (could boost your creditworthiness); Instagram – now ahead of Snapchat in popularity among teens; Samsung’s foldable screen laptop; Wendy’s $1 fries; Spiked cold brew.


Want to keep your brain sharp? Take care of your eyes and ears!; Antidepressants may offer short term lower back pain relief; Study suggests eating pesticide-free organic food cuts cancer risk; Mounting evidence that herpes leads to Alzheimer’s?; The 13-year old using AI to fight pancreatic cancer; A new prescription for depression: join a team and get sweaty.


Scientists now say that coffee may be good for skin? Help calm rosacea? Huh??; Celebrity colorist Christophe Robin wants women to color their own hair w/his new at-home kits; New survey of teens suggests sneaker brand to watch is Vans; Vinyl — having a moment?; Sweet potatoes, chocolate and 28 other foods for younger-looking skin.


Can MCT oil, a.k.a the key trendy ingredient in bulletproof coffee, help you lose weight?; Study says working on your ‘dad bod’ before fatherhood can help future kids’ health; Lululemon’s cult-like following stronger than ever–despite controversies; Keto-friendly omelet bars that last an entire year??; Benefits of swimming that’ll make you want to splurge on indoor pool membership; The latest low-cal flavors from Ben & Jerry’s; A spicy new twist on the trendy Apple Cider Vinegar Detox.

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