Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - October 24, 2018


South Carolina lottery reports one match for jackpot; other states still tabulating results; New York City’s first Amazon Go cashierless store being built near World Trade Center; Lime e-scooters opening retail lifestyle stores; Titanic II setting sail as soon as 2022; JetBlue jacking up ticket prices; Pot stocks getting…killed (bear market territory, Paul); Chick-fil-A quietly testing out mac & cheese?!; $1000 smart glasses that tell you the weather, read text messages, and connect to Alexa (when she’s cooperating!); The most colorful iPhone (also the best buy); A weakening Willa; Best Online Bank in America.


Canadian doctors will soon be able to prescribe museum visits as treatment for ailments?; Study finds breathing through your nose boosts memory; Scientists say lavender really does help you relax (and could even treat anxiety); Meat-free burgers contain more salt than real burgers?; Why “natural” food has become secular stand-in for goodness and purity; What you need to know about Prince Harry’s sleep tracker fitness ring; Finally, the drug that keeps you young…


Iconic American brand Ralph Lauren launching first-ever “streetwear” collection; Pioneer Woman star Ree Drummond getting own Barbie doll; Virgin Voyages adding tattoo parlor to Scarlet Lady ship; “Lip blushing” – cosmetic procedure everyone will be talking about?; An unstoppable Gucci — despite expectations of slowdown; A fur-free Coach.


Fitness and lifespan: Is too much exercise harmful?; New research suggests that control of body weight dependent largely on areas of brain involved in self-control and self-regulation [For you, KC!]; Gold’s Gym announces strongest quarter of worldwide growth in company history; Martha Stewart — ‘too old to ride a bike’?; Your #mealprep obsession could signal an eating disorder.

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