Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - October 25, 2018


Dow erases gains for year, Nasdaq enters correction territory; New-home sales plunge to near two-year low; Tesla delivers ‘historic’ profit (not sure what’s going on w/its reliability ranking); Dunkin’ takes shot at Starbucks w/less expensive espresso; eBay predicts 50 hottest toys of 2018 holiday season; Alexa can now trade stocks for you?; Yahoo paying up to $85 million to settle class action lawsuit over its massive data breach; Horror films making killing at box office; Santa going all out this year; Amtrak – becoming like the airlines?; Trader Joe’s new Pumpkin Spice Cream liqueur; Costco’s 4-pound pumpkin pie.


Prone to binge drinking? This might be why…; FDA approves first new flu treatment in nearly 20 years (fast-acting, single-dose oral medication); Jamie Lee Curtis opens up about opioid addition she hid for 10 years; Hot baths could be more effective at beating depression than exercise?; The CBD-and adaptogen-infused selzer that’s like LaCroix for stressed-out people.


Is AI the future of perfume??? IBM is betting on it; Tori Burch Foundation champions women through NYC pop-up shop; Estée Lauder files restraining order against Deciem’s Brandon Truaxe; Balenciaga gets sued for copying tree-shaped air fresheners w/its $275 key ring; Apple finally fixing that ‘skin-smoothing selfie’ problem w/the new iPhones; Rainbow teeth is 2018’s weirdest beauty trend.


What is body checking and when is it a problem?; FBI releases physical fitness app for exercise buffs and aspiring agents; Obesity a painful reality for 1 in 6 U.S. youths; Gisele’s diet — work for anxiety?; How a free app can help you lose weight and decrease blood pressure; What Cher eats in a day to stay so fit (Can you believe she’s 72?!); The game-changing yoga mat that rolls itself up like a snap bracelet.

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