Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - October 30, 2018


Cash is king again, but is that also sign of impending recession?; Apple reportedly unveiling new iPad Pros and MacBooks today at Brooklyn event (Here’s how to watch the live stream); Retailers offering vacation raffles, kayaks, even ‘glamour’ bundles to attract holiday help; Mondelez launching new business aimed at shaping future of snacking; Americans holding on to their smartphones for longer than ever; GE slashing dividend to penny/share, starting 2019; Reality of retirement for many people is often discontent?; Jeff Bezos’ declining net worth (Amazon has lost $250 billion in market value past 8 weeks alone!); Rising child-care costs; Peppermint Bark Oreos; Hot Cocoa Hershey’s Kisses and M&Ms; Pop-Tarts bites.


Alkaline water — Beyoncé and Tom Brady swear by it, but miracle cure or BS?; Americans sitting so long their butts are literally falling asleep; Common medications contributing to millions of cases of lung disease; Salad chain Sweetgreen aiming to be $1 billion company; Camel milk – to help heal your gut and make skin glow?; Why dogs are great disease detectors; How knitting relieves stress; Bill of The Month: A $48,329 allergy test.


Is Versace bringing back 1990s Apple sneakers?; The Australian boy who made Meghan Markle’s pasta necklace now selling them around world for charity; Diane von Furstenberg designing 2018’s Christmas tree for London’s Claridge Hotel (following in footsteps of Karl Lagerfeld); Foundation becoming most innovative category in makeup?; The stray cat that crashed the fashion show, upstaged runway models; A horrifying dental emergency brought on by $3 Halloween fangs; New Balance “Fenway Champs” sneakersVineyard Vines x Sperry collection.

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