Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - November 8, 2018


This holiday season, companies are partying like it’s 2009?!; Fed set to keep rates on hold today before hike later in year; Uber co-founder Travis Kalanick buys Manhattan penthouse for $36 million; Butterball’s turkey-talk line hits Amazon’s Alexa this Thanksgiving; New Jersey – the ‘Silicon Valley’ of cannabis?; Car companies betting on bikes and scooters to protect themselves from disruption; Fast food restaurants so desperate for workers they’re hosting ‘hiring parties’; Breaking Bad movie – happening!; Amazon’s first-ever printed holiday toy catalog; Aldi’s first-ever U.S. Advent wine and cheese calendar; Samsung’s foldable smartphone; Oprah’s Favorite Things.


Are you getting enough sleep? Deprivation (6 or few hours/night) may cause dehydration!; More Americans meditating than ever before as mindfulness goes mainstream; Battle lines blurring over labeling lab-grown substitutes as Big Meat invests in start-ups making them; People hanging eucalyptus in their showers to clear up snuffy noses; Sugar allergy really a thing?; The plant-based latte that’s the new frappuccino; A reason not to bring your stinky fruit on board a plane.


$250 shoes for the little one, Shawna?? Nicole?? Lauren?? Christian Louboutin unveils new baby shoe capsule collection; Marc Jacobs reissues iconic ‘Grunge’ collection that got him…fired; Moschino x H&M collaboration goes live today; Umbilical cord jewelry – latest new-mom style trend?; A holiday candle collection for people who don’t like most holiday candles (log cabin/woodsy vibes as opposed to sickly sweet pumpkin spice); The scoop on red light therapy benefits; Everything you need to know about fraxel lasers.


Is your diet making you unhappy? Common thing, apparently–especially if a woman; Savannah Guthrie opens up about her keto experience and why Dr. Oz asked her to breathe on him; Research shows that lifting weights just once/week can cut heart disease risk in half; What anthropologists want you to know about Paleo diet; Why fitness is next big trend in business travel; A scary health condition that all former athletes need to know about; The four best at-home spin bikes.

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