Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - November 13, 2018


After over a year-long search, the wait is…over?? Amazon reportedly picks New York City and Northern Virginia for its HQ2 locations–announcement expected as soon as today; GE stock in full-blown crisis (investors flee!); Pop-ups all the rage this holiday season; Thanksgiving-flavored Pringles — so good they sell out in 41 minutes???; Major beer battle brewing and could mean end of PBR; Lyft launching rider loyalty program (Dec.); Investors flocking to ‘quality’ stocks (now); Consumers falling out of love w/ $$ iPhones?; How to order your entire Thanksgiving meal online; What you may not know about Costco’s famous pumpkin pie; Smirnoff’s vodka-filled Christmas tree ornamentMiller’s champagne bottle.


Just in time for Thanksgiving, the CDC warning of deadly turkey salmonella outbreak — nationwide!!; FDA recalls yet another blood pressure medication, Losartan, due to cancer concerns; Researchers say five-minute neck scan could spot risk of developing dementia decade before symptoms emerge; Magnolia bark – your go-to herb for sleep and anxiety?; How to have social life when avoiding sugar, gluten, alcohol, caffeine, dairy, etc. etc…; Who should NOT get a flu shot; What happens to your body when you eat lot of fast food; Inside Canada’s first In Goop Health Summit.


What is semi-permanent BB cream and why are people getting it microneedled into their faces?; ‘Virtually unheard of’ 19-carat pink jewel set to smash world record at Christie’s auction today; Céline Dion announces children’s clothing line w/bizarre video; L brands – gonna dive in and bring back Victoria’s Secret swimsuit line?; An important PSA for people who want eyelash extensions; A viral hair-curling trick that requires a water bottle and a hair dryer; The 43-foot Christmas tree, scented w/Tiffany & Co.’s Signature Eau de Parfum fragrance.

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