Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - November 14, 2018


Backlash over Amazon’s choices for HQ2 starts…now; Dunkin’ says its new espresso is so good, ‘you don’t have to go to Starbucks’; Consumer group releases “worst toys” list for holidays; Elon Musk’s ‘Teslaquila’ drink faces clash w/Mexican tequila industry; Petco bans artificial pet food; Bloomingdale’s wants to sell you a dishwasher? Washing machine? TV?; Jimmy Fallon telling jokes for Alexa on Amazon Echo; Waymo driverless car service coming soon; Starbucks axing 5% of workforce; How to win the wishbone this Thanksgiving; What it means when you see a pickle ornament on Christmas tree; Trader Joe’s holiday desserts for 2018; Best pre-made cookie doughSnickers coffee creamers.


Cancer now surpasses heart disease as leading cause of death in many US counties; New guidelines say all adults should be screened for unhealthy alcohol use; Juul suspends retail sales of most flavored e-cigarettes, halts social media to address underage vaping; Celery juice health benefits – fer real?; Biggest benefits – and drawbacks – of eating Greek yogurt over ‘regular’ yogurt; Emergency rooms vs. urgent care (Yelp reviewers review); Whole Foods’ non-dairy desserts in boozy holiday flavors; High-protein options at Starbucks; Beef jerky advent calendar.


Is American prep in midst of makeover?; Stella McCartney launches first-ever bridal collection; Converse and Chiara Ferragni collaborate on glittery sneaker collection; Ralph Lauren receives honorary British knighthood for services to fashion; Crystal deodorant – buzzy natural alternative, but what is it?; The ridiculously complex watch that just won equivalent of World Cup (and one that you can buy w/bitcoin only); A $25,000 diamond-encrusted makeup brush.

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