Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - December 17, 2018


Apple stock below $170–time to buy?; Robinhood takes its 3% savings account back to drawing board amid widespread criticism; Tesla puts more cars on sale to maximize $7500 EV tax credit; Netflix set to release 90 movies/yr (budgets up to $200 million!); Food safety violations at stadiums include slime, live rodents, cockroaches, dead mice??; Porch pirates running rampant this holiday season; Tumblr banning adult content starting…today; Electric scooters–gonna survive long-term??; Death of the dollar menu; Return of S’mores Oreos.


Heart attack risk — 37% higher on Christmas Eve??? At 10 pm???; California farm linked to romaine recall now takes cauliflower, red leaf lettuce, and green leaf lettuce off the shelves amid new E. coli outbreak fears; Study claims regular cinema trips could help guard against depression in old age; Slindir–new dating app for “healthy” people?!; Why gut health is as important as heart health; How natural wine is different from other wines; What women need to know about J&J’s ovarian cancer lawsuit.


All I Want For Christmas Is…the largest diamond ever found in North America!; You know, the diamond that was just discovered that’s the size of a chicken egg? 552 carats??!; Famed Indian designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee making waves in America now (Oprah a fan!); Jennifer Lopez launching skincare line; Dangerous levels of mercury – possibly looming in your skin-care products?; Prada’s new Linea Rossa ski goggles [For you, Holbrook]; Hermès bubble bath.


Do you want to be a Brand Ambassador for Lululemon and get all sorts of free stuff? Just say NO! Recruitment scam making rounds on Instagram; Dietitians still telling people coconut oil not all that healthy [We know, we know…]; More runners turning to treadmill fitness classes; Eating out – not only $$, but maybe also expanding your waistline??; The super-popular 140-calorie cauliflower tots from Costco.

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