Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - December 27, 2018


Dow soars over 1000 points…it’s as if Christmas Eve never happened!! Wait — did it? Been losing money AND track of time!; Shoppers gift retailers w/strongest seasonal sales in six years; Amazon announces record-breaking holiday, gets ‘tens of millions’ of new Prime subscribers; JCPenney stock falls below $1 for first time ever; IRS wants to use social media to catch tax cheats??; Apple’s newest iPhones attracting more Android users than last year; Zero-fee funds making some investors even more nervous about 2019; Starbucks reintroducing black and white, tuxedo-themed New Year’s drinks; Jimmy Buffett’s 300-acre Margaritaville Resort (opening in January); Lava Cake Hershey’s Kisses (available now).


Forget New Year’s health goals – try ‘Monday Resolutions’ instead?; Olivia Newton-John reportedly ‘clinging to life’ amid cancer battle; CDC warning of respiratory virus affecting kids and adults; Alt-meat – mainstream soon?; Why we all need to rein in our fear of sugar; What a lymphatic drainage massage could do for your health (like, maybe keep you from getting sick); The secret behind chicken soup’s medical magic; A look at the most promising health and wellness trends for 2019.


Keto experts explain why low-carb, high-fat eating has blown up…and what to expect in 2019; Researchers find that changes in marital status affect levels of physical activity in men and women…differently; New weight-loss device helps rats lose nearly 40% of their body fat; Under Armour ditches ‘athleisure,’ returns to roots as sportswear company; Planet Fitness – a ‘pants don’t fit’ holiday stock trade?; A look at some of the biggest fitness trends expected in 2019; Best veggie burgers.

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