Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - January 9, 2019


Sears lives to see another day–will likely go under unless revised deal comes together by 4 pm today; Samsung users report having difficulty deleting Facebook app; Sumner Redstone reaches settlement w/former live-in “girlfriend”; WeWork rebrands to We Company; Bankruptcy filings drop to 10-year low, but not for the reasons you might think??; Kroger changing grocery shopping as we know it – and it’s becoming bigger threat to Amazon; Virgin Atlantic launching collection of no and low-alcohol cocktails (NoLo); One of world’s richest people backing bitcoin; Au revoir to the naked lunch?; A rare penny that might be worth $1.7 million; Shake Shack’s new Tiramisu Shake; Starbucks new cinnamon shortbread latte; Peeps-flavored coffee creamer.


This year’s wellness trends – from sleep to restorative exercise – about owning self-care?; U.S. cancer death rate hits 25 years of decline; Chobani launches plant-based coconut yogurt; Apple’s greatest contribution to mankind will be….health?; How losing money can increase risk of heart disease; Why sexually transmitted infection rates are so high; The newly revamped Impossible Burger, tested.


Where is beauty headed? Futuristic vision of skin and hair care on display at CES; Los Angeles launching world’s first-ever fashion week dedicated to vegan apparel and accessories; Margot Robbie going to star in live-action Barbie movie; Scalp microblading – the latest “it” treatment for hair loss?; The Japanese fashion retailer who wasted $1 million to get followers; A spa that includes puppy cuddling services on the treatment menu.


What is ‘conscious movement’? And why do some fitness experts swear by it?; Mom’s viral workout video inspires millions as she vows to lose 451 pounds; 23andMe adds weight-loss advice to its DNA-testing services; Pu-erh tea – a natural fat-melter that can help you lose weight?; The kickass Peloton instructors getting the world…fit.

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