Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - January 16, 2019


Netflix announces its biggest streaming price increase ever (Street approves); Amazon lists its first two job openings for HQ2 in New York; Snap exodus continues…; Avocado shipments from Mexico to U.S. – might not make it ahead of Super Bowl LIII?; Gillette feeling burn from toxic #MeToo ad; Facebook investing $300 million in local news; Scooter startup Lime going to be worth $2 billion?; Ben & Jerry’s new Pint Slice flavors; Land O’ Lakes’ cookie-flavored hot cocoa mix; Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie Oreos.


Want to live longer? Just get up and MOVE for at least 30 minutes/day!; Microsoft and Walgreens team up to counter Amazon’s push into health care; Luxury buildings take wellness amenities to new levels in New York City (infrared saunas! chromotherapy! ice rooms!); Prices of wholesale coconut oil bottom out after health experts challenge the former superfood; ‘Sleep coaching’ — the new wellness frontier?; Learning to say “no”


Nike announces self-lacing, app-controlled basketball sneakers; Weight Watchers rolls out quick-prep meals (available at some grocery stores, but not yours, Lisa); Fitness guru says bicycle courier is job that burns most fat; Losing debt – bigger priority than losing weight this year?; Why fasting diets are going mainstream–ahead of the science; How to stay healthy and active in every decade of your life; Bigorexia: when bodybuilding goes too far.

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