Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - January 22, 2019


Want to go to Super Bowl LIII? Average ticket price on secondary market about $8000!; Starbucks launches Uber Eats delivery service [coffee at your front door, Ames–service in SF starts today]; JCPenney struggles to avoid same fate as Sears; Limited edition Lincoln Continental sells out in just 48 hours; You can now pray w/the Pope, from your iPhone?; Mexico growers debunking avocado shortage rumors; Lindsey Vonn considering immediate retirement (injuries); Michelin’s star – fading in world of fine dining?; Why more people leaving New York than any other state; What you might not know about Davos; The top three student loan scams of 2019; A Baby Bjorn-like device for your Super Bowl snacks.


How likely are you to live to 90? Depends on your gender and body size?; Superbugs and anti-vaxxers make WHO’s list of 10 global health threatsWorld’s oldest man, 113, dies at his home in northern Japan; Blood transfusions–now an anti-aging treatment?; How an energy bar company found a way to create a killer cabernet; What you actually gain from cutting dairy out of your life; A beef jerky ‘bro-quet’ for ‘manly men’ [Valentine’s Day is coming up, Holly!]; The 22 best vegetarian restaurants in America.


Whoa – Brandon Truaxe, controversial founder of Deciem and creator of The Ordinary, dead at the age of 40?!; United Airlines, dealing w/yet another “incident” [We know, JRG, got your texts this am], unveils its new ‘rhapsody blue’ uniforms, created w/designer Tracy Reese; Fiji Water Girl lands role on The Bold and the Beautiful; “Barbie heels” — everywhere right now, but why?; A new high-end fashion brand brought to you by…Rihanna; The $350,000 handless watch.


Diet Trick #10,271, and counting: smell fatty food for two minutes and end unhealthy cravings???; SoulCycle steps up its retail game w/new in-house line of performance activewear; New research shows stair-climbing exercise ‘snacks’ (aka short bursts, intervals) every day is enough to improve cardiovascular and overall health; Nintendo’s ‘Fitness Boxing’ – to get kids in ‘fighting shape’?; How Lululemon crushed it in 2018; Why every ski trail map looks the same; Ways to burn calories – from sex to cleaning – for those who don’t really like the gym…

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