Today's Curated NoPo Headlines - January 23, 2019


What happened? Real estate brokers trying to figure out why sales of existing homes plunged in December (unusually large drop of 6.4%; down 10.3% Y-O-Y); WeWork moving onto Starbucks’ turf w/new coffee shops and workspaces; Dry January taking toll on bars and restaurants; Apple Pay expanding again (now at 65% of U.S. retail locations); More people working on quitting their jobs?; Cities most at risk from rising seas; The rare Porsche collection going up for auction; A Starbucks-like app for marijuana.


Kale is out! It finally falls from top 10 list of superfoods [Happy, Keller?] to make way for plant-based milks, fermented food; 23andMe gets FDA approval for DNA cancer test; Liver transplants grow among Americans w/alcohol-related disease; Measles outbreaks – really bad in 2018, and could be even worse this year?; The world’s longest flight’s new spa-inspired in-flight menu (collaboration w/Canyon Ranch); A simple blood test that could detect Alzheimer’s up to 16 years before symptoms begin; Most chilled-out countries in the world.


Is Patek Philippe, the crown jewel of the watch industry, going up for sale? The 180-year-old family-owned business could be worth $10 billion!; Glow-in-the-dark heels light up runway in Paris; Troll dolls inspire hair-raising new style trend for men; Louis Vuitton debuts wireless earbuds ($1000); Bobbi Brown 2.0: reinventing her life and career at 61.


Is the food at your workplace making you…fat??; Victoria Beckham teams up w/Reebok on new high-fashion workout collection; Garmin wants to enable golf matches w/players who are nowhere near a course [Bill? Jay? Richard?]; Drinking soda after exercise – could damage kidneys?; The major signs of a slow metabolism (from insomnia to cold hands and feet) – and how you can fix it; An age-defying, ‘vain as f***’ Rob Lowe (credits exercise and diet); A workout that will get you ripped like James McAvoy in Glass; Cauliflower sandwich thins.

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